Steps to take after a car accident

Sometimes in a car accident what to do next is easily forgotten in that moment of shock. Regardless of who is to blame or how bad the accident was, these are the immediate steps you should take.
  • DO pull over safely if you are able.
  • DO stop the car, switch off your engine and turn on your hazard lights to warn other road users.
  • DO check for any injuries to you or your passengers, then check for injuries with any others involved. If anyone is injured, dial 999 and ask for the police.
  • DO get all passengers out of the vehicle and make sure they're safe.
  • DO exchange name, address, contact number, registration details, vehicle owner's name and insurance details with others involved.
  • DO keep calm.
  • DON'T apologise or admit fault in the heat of the moment. What's happened and who's to blame is for the insurance companies or police to decide.