Yesterdays night I got connected to the INTERNET for free by telling that I don't have a money but I need to contact my friends and send some emails to meet them in Agra. So the internet guy gave the password to connect for free.

So I walked around the Taj Mahal afterwards and planned to start mowing to Rishikesh. As I walked around the great building hugged inside as great walls I heard somebody calling me from the roof top of some building.

This time I looked back because it was not like every "two minutes hallo for foreigner" but a different one. The guy from the roof top wanted me to come up and talk with him.And as I did not had any other options - I did so.

He was the owner of hotel and many other things around here and after I explained that I'm traveling without money - he was insisting to stay there for free in his hotel as in ashram as long as I'll want and he even made me a supper. He was telling all the time that money is nothing - it is heart that matters! We where sitting and having some beer. He had a gun for shooting monkeys.:) And afterwards I went sleep in interesting style room.

So today I waked up at 9 and as I was thinking where to go and what to do I contacted my business partner Vadim. He told me that my travel is pointless without going o special temples in other part of India Tamil Nadu, where in non tourist temples deep inside a jungles are special and very powerful temples where I have to be on Wednesday. He told me that fare that I can travel anywhere but I have to be there after three days. He told me that as I'm in India he will pay for my visit to temples there if only I can make it until Wednesday morning 

As He explained it is important for me to make some magical pujas in there for me. I quite don't understand what's all that is about but I felt it might be good and so I accepted his invitation. He will look for a plane ticket for me and probably tomorrow I will fly from New Delhi to Chennai or Bangalore from where I'll have to make 300 km by bus and 20 km by taxi as there where the temple is located no buses are available.

So tomorrow morning at 6AM I'm leaving Agra and beautiful Taj Mahal towards Delhi from where I'm taking flight to Chennai later afternoon. Came back to hotel and listened to the stories about gemstones from my new "guru".:) and later on went sleeping.