Since 2017, is an established Lottery Ticket Purchasing Service is owned and operated by BTCERY Limited (UK). 
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TRANSPARENT: Unlike other lotteries, ZigiLotto publishes all data on ticket sales, income, costs and other performance indicators.

UNMONOPOLIZABLE: Since ZigiLotto’s blockchain technology is beyond governmental control, all restrictions imposed by national borders and state lottery monopolies disappear. For the first time, anyone around the world can play the same game.
FAIR: Using an automated double-random number generator built on the Bitcoin blockchain, ZigiLotto eliminates any possibility of tampering.

INCLUSIVE: By purchasing Fire Lotto tokens (FLOT), anyone can take part in co-owning a profitable lottery business. is an online lottery website offering entries into the biggest lottery from around the world.This safe and secure service is available to lottery players from across the globe.We have a large assortment of payment methods available on our website. Play ZigiLotto online from anywhere in the world through our established, safe & secured user-friendly website. 
Our intelligent system automatically checks all your chosen numbers for winnings and instantly pays out into your account.

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